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Rahmat-Allah HOOSHMAND2


Flow-gate marginal pricing (FMP) is a suitable and useful index in deregulated power systems that has not been sufficiently investigated and reviewed. There is a very tight association between power system performance and this parameter. FMP can be evaluated as an effective index in power system studied. In this regard, this paper aims at investigating FMP features in power system operation and planning. In this paper, FMP formulation is expressed and the relationship between FMP with LMP, voltages, powers, congestion, and other variables is studied. In addition, FMP in power systems is investigated from different points such as effects of renewable energy uncertainties on the FMP, impacts of the reactive power on FMP, FMP sensitivity analysis, FMP and N-1 contingency, and power system expansion considering FMP. This paper aims at signifying the importance of FMP in power systems as well as illustrating the meaningful relationship between FMP with other parameters. The results and mathematical formulations demonstrate that FMP is a useful index and can be used in power system planning, operation, and control as an alternative index for conventional indexes.

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