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Faramarz Faghihi
Ebrahim S. Afjei
Ehsan Eftekhari


This paper presents new design, analyses, and simulation for an isolated resonance inverter. This inverter produces adjustable AC output voltage at fixed switching frequency based on magnetic resonant coupling in wireless power transfer (WPT) technology. It consists of a new design for resonance inverter circuit based on class-E inverter and a high-frequency transformer with tap-changer. Steady-state output voltage waveforms of are obtained via PSPICE simulation. The results illustrate up to 3 times increase in output voltage level. The state-of-the-art of class-E resonant inverter is discussed in this paper called class-ET resonant inverter afterwards. Steady-state output voltage waveforms equations validate the simulation results. Finally, th results are compared with waveforms produced by conventional class-E inverter in order to confirm the trust ability of suggested design for class-ET inverter.

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