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Mehdi Hamidkhani


Antenna miniaturization, which is a requirement of modern wireless communication systems, is usually concomitant with the reduction of impedance bandwidth. On the other hand, small antennas should also possess stable radiation patterns across a broad frequency band, such as in the UWB systems. In this paper, we propose a UWB antenna structure with a novel feeding system composed of an open cavity resonator. It has a wide relative bandwidth (of about 120%) particularly at the lower frequency limits. proposed antenna with the novel feed system is smaller and has a wider frequency bandwidth, as compared with other available UWB antennas in the literature. Furthermore, another antenna is proposed, which has a feeding system composed of a surface integrated resonator cavity, fabricated on a two layer microstrip structure. It has achieved better miniaturization and bandwidth enhancement, albeit somewhat lower gain. Three prototype models of the proposed antennas are fabricated and measured, of which the frequency response are in excellent agreement with computer simulation results.

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