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Lakshmi Sankar.S
Mohamed Iqbal.M


Now-a-days, the per-capita consumption which dictates the development of any nation has been increased because of the sophisticated life. Because of the industrial growth, the power system network becomes more complex and widespread. The quality and reliability of the electrical power are the key factors in such a complex power system. In grid connected operation, the stability plays a major role to ensure the reliable power to the customers. In this paper, an attempt has been made to analyze the transient stability of a typical 2×30 MW thermal power plant using Electrical Transient Analyzer Program (ETAP) software. Power flow response of the typical system has been studied and the voltage limit violation and overloading conditions were also analyzed. Stability of the system for various cases in the presence of the controllers namely governor, exciter and power system stabilizer (PSS) has also been studied. The simulation responses have been analyzed based on critical clearing time (tcc) and critical clearing angle (δcc) and an optimal combination of these controllers for the best transient stability response has also been identified. In addition, the stability behavior has been validated using the standard IEEE 9-bus test system. Simulation response of the typical 2×30 MW thermal power plant and IEEE 9-bus system show that the stability of any system can be improved by the optimal combination of controllers as identified in this paper. The detailed description of the tr

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