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Dr Francis Enejo IDACHABA


Datacenters contain high capacity computers known as servers and routing equipment. These servers are very sensitive and expensive. The Datacenter Monitor monitors the power supply to the data center, the temperature output of all the air conditioners in the center and incorporates a proximity sensor which activates an image capture process when the door of the center is approached. This captured image is sent to the manager in the form of an MMS Message. The system utilizes temperature sensors and power sensors to monitor the air-conditioning units and the power supply to the datacenter. The status of these monitored devices is sent to the datacenter manager through the GSM network as SMS messages. The status reports are also displayed on an alarmed indicator board outside the datacenter. The system enables the monitoring of devices in datacenters and their status from any remote location and thereby leads to a faster response time in the event of a fault condition.

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