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Dr.Poongodi P


Error correcting codes are used broadly,in particularapplications such asin deep satellite communication and fault tolerant memory. In this papera new block code of (32, 19) optimised encoder is proposed. Compared with extended Golay code (24,12)the existing codesare capable of correcting three adjacent errors and detecting six errors. Optimization is achieved by an algorithm which finds the “Majority Message” bits (M). The proposed work is only on the encoder section of block and cyclic codes.As of now most of the work for error correcting codes are carried only on decoder section because of its complexity. A speed encoder is proposed which is not complex through the optimised algorithm. The delay in encoder is reduced thereby it contributes to the efficient error correcting code when considered with decoder section. The codes are programmed in HDL and synthesised using cadence tool of 180 nm library. The result on encoder with optimised new block code for delay, area and power which is at par to the cyclic code. For an increased number of message bits the proposed code is much efficient in correcting triple adjacent error.

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[1] ] C. L. Chen and M. Y. Hsiao, , Error-correcting codes for semiconductor memory applications: A state-of-the-art review,” in Res. Develop, IBM J. (1984). vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 124–134.