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Malathy Subramaniam
Jaipriya Jaipriya
Gayathree Gayathree
Divya Divya
Anitha Anitha


Technology is grooming in all discipline lead to the development of automation in various domains. Incorporating automation in various devices will make the device to work smart. Though this automation does not conquer the automobile industry fully, it made vehicles as semi-automated by employing route navigation facility methods to avoid front end and rear end collision, etc. The evolution of automation in the automotive domain has paved the way for the improvisation in that sector. Though the existing methodology has proved to be working smoothly, it encounters few limitations in turns of accuracy, traffic/congestion monitoring etc. The proposed Smart Traffic support System (STS) improves the accuracy of the above mentioned parameters by integrating the advantages of both ad-hoc network and the cellular communication. The inclusion of real time path planning algorithm will provide an enhanced traffic management by suggesting various alternative paths instead of one.

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