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P Rohini Krishna Chaitanya


Relay coordination is important for maintaining proper power system operation and control. Relays should be organized in a special way such that every relay should have a backup and Coordination Time Interval (CTI) between primary and back up and different zones of the relay should be maintained to achieve proper fault identification and fault clearance sequences. The relays should operate in minimum desirable time satisfying all the coordination constraints optimally hence it is a highly constraint problem. Heuristic techniques are often used to get optimal solution of this kind of problems. In order to ensure reliable protection and better relay coordination, proper Time Multiplier Setting (TMS) and type of relay characteristics selection for the fault current has targeted in this work. Proposed methodology was tested with 6 bus power system with proper arrangement of Distance relay and Overcurrent relay using metaheuristic optimization methods and selection of TMS values was presented. Based on speed of convergence the best suited optimization algorithm for the above mentioned task also mentioned.

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