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Dr.R.Arulmurugan Dr.R.Arulmurugan


This paper presents a transformer less hybrid series active filter (THSeAF) based PV system. The proposed system to enhance the power quality in single-phase systems with constant supply, which supports critical loads behaviors as high-harmonic impedance. In this method, deals with energy management and power quality issues related to electric transportation and focus on improving the electric vehicle load connected to grid. This is based on the Power Factor Correction (PFC) conversion with harmonic modulation technique that will give betterment of power factor in PFC operation. The control strategy was designed to prevention of current harmonic distortions with the nonlinear loads to control the flow of utility without any usual bulky and costly transformer. Power factor along with AC side will also maintained to some value and also eliminate the voltage distortions at the Common coupling point. The proposed system protecting sensitive loads from voltage distortions, swells and sags with respect to power system, without the series transformer it is advantageous for an industrial implementation. This paper carried out with 2-kVA power demonstrating the effectiveness of the existing topology.

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