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N V Phanendra babu
P Suresh Babu
DVSS Sivasarma


The current state estimators need to estimate the power system by means of the state variables. Phasor measurement unit (PMU) measures the system state variables accurately by synchronizing the time of measurement. So, for controlling, monitoring and protecting the power system accurately, it is necessary to install PMUs. This paper suggests a multi-constrained optimal PMU placement using Binary Bat Algorithm (BBA) for system complete Observability line/PMU contingencies and channel limitations. Initially it considers system observability under normal operating conditions and then, contingencies like line/PMU outages and, channel limitations are added. The suggested scheme has been tested and then, it has been practiced for different practical power grids in India. A new index, System Observability Index (SOI), is also introduced to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed placement technique.

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