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Guendouz Djillalia
Hamid Azzdean


In this article, a DC glow discharge maintained by an external source of electrons and ions uniform production is studied.
The fluid model presented in this work, is based on the use of the moments of Boltzmann equations, where the number of moments used indicates the model order. The basic system of first order fluid model equations is closed by the local electric field approximation and second order fluid model equation is closed by the local electron energy approximation. These equations are coupled to the Poisson's equation self-consistently.
The simulation of the glow discharge is performed using a 1D and 2D fluid mode code. The electric properties at stationary state of the glow discharge in argon are presented in this paper, the obtained results are very sensitive to both the net source term value which is characterized by various mode of the glow discharge (abnormal, normal, subnormal mode), and also to the order choice of the fluid model and the related assumptions used to described the electronic fluid evolution and to quantify the gas expansion and the temperature increase during the discharge phase.

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