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R.kishore Kumar
Dr.P.Sivschandran Dr.P.Sivschandran
Dr.M.V.Suganyadevi Dr.M.V.Suganyadevi


Combat vehicles are mainly dependent on diesel combustion engine and battery bank for power demand in remote areas for monitoring and controlling electrical equipments, sensors, control systems and communication devices etc. In the proposed system existing diesel combustion engine is integrated with GCP (Green Colored Polycrystalline) solar panel and Zinc-Air battery. Among various kinds of solar panels the GCP panels are difficult to track or see from satellite and easy to hide from enemies. A perturbs and observes MPPT algorithm is implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. The Zinc-Air batteries are embedded in the combat vehicles to provide a continuous power for long time in remote areas without any intermittence. In night time Zinc-Air battery “inhales” oxygen from the free air which acts as the cathode reactant. The virtually limitless supply of air enables the zinc air cells to offer continuous power and it has many performance advantages compared with lithium ion battery. The cost and loss investigations were carried out using PVsyst 6.5.2 and HOMER software.

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