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Y.V.L Charitha Reddy
Dr. M. S. Krishnarayalu


In a power system network, customer demands the electrical power with rated voltage and frequency from power quality point of view. Automatic Generation Control (AGC) is the most used control in the entire power system for balancing of the generation with demand and preservation of the tie line power and frequency changes within allowable limits. Under deregulated environment, Independent System Operator (ISO) has the liability of ensuring the reliability and security of AGC. PID controller is used as a secondary controller in order to enhance the performance of the AGC in power system. Particle Swarm Optimization technique (PSO) is used for PID controller tuning. In this paper, a three area multi source deregulated power system is considered. The performances of the PID controller tuned by Zeigler Nichols and PSO methods for this three area deregulated power system are compared using MATLAB Simulink software. By tuning PID controller using PSO algorithm, the dynamic response of the system can be improved by using various combinations of performance indices. One of the combinations with objective function taken as the minimization of the sum of Integral Absolute Error (IAE), Integral Square Error (ISE) and Integral Time Square Error (ITSE) gave the optimal results for the system considered.

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