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Dr.T.R.Sumithira Dr.T.R.Sumithira
Sowmya R


The centralized traditional power grid leads to national power blackout resulting increase in research for alternate solutions. The solar photovoltaic is connected with module integrated converter (MIC) is the efficient way of increasing the performance in now-a-days. The modelling and analysis of the forward micro converter is done with dynamic simulation software. The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm is applied on the SEPIC converter to extract the maximum power from the panel. The objective of the proposed research is to convert the raw solar energy from the PV cell and supplied to the grid with high efficiency and high power quality. The proposed converter includes low voltage stress on the semiconductor devices and simplicity of design. The switching losses are also reduced by replacing with single MOSFET in SEPIC converter. Hence the triggering components and commutation components are reduced while using a MOSFET and therefore the conduction losses are reduced. The proposed approach is analyzed and experimentally verified.

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