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For early detection of fault in the motor, condition monitoring is necessary. By using different analysis method with computerized data processing and acquisition has brought new areas in the condition monitoring of Induction Motor. The modern industry mainly used reliability based and condition based maintenance strategies to reduce unexpected failures. These techniques may increase the time between planned shutdowns for standard maintenance and reduce maintenance and operational cost. The operation of the machine in unsafe condition can also avoid. It is a non-invasive technique and it does not require any expensive sensors for taking measurements. Detection of broken rotor fault and air gap eccentricity fault by using Instantaneous Power Analysis method and Motor Current Signature Analysis method are discussed here. It helps in the real time tracking of various motor defects and determines the severity of it, which can be used for fast decision making. The study on healthy motor and faulty motor under different speed condition is carried out experimentally and the results are analyzed using FFT spectrum, which is obtained by interfacing National Instrument data acquisition module with the LabVIEW software.

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