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N.Alloui N.Alloui
A.Dekhinet A.Dekhinet
C.Fetha C.Fetha


In this paper, we try to approach the analysis of voltage sags and short interruptions. In this investigation the voltage sags and short interruptions analysis is carried out for the various circuit types which are listed below: Three-phase lines fault, Two-phase lines to neutral fault, Line to line fault and Single-phase line to neutral fault.
For The above purposes, we have used in that network analysis a linear form of the set bars equations which
requires a precise network description by set bars voltage and phase or set bars current injection and voltages. By use of equation linearity, the power systems loads are replaced by their equivalent impedance to the equation are then used for analysis and an executable periodic calculation in to computers.
For a complete fault analysis, the system is modeled in MATLAB/Simulink software then the simulation results are compared with a developed method based on the classification of voltage dips. The analysis consists of ABC Classification. Reason for which the equations should be used in order to find out voltages currents in various set bars, or various network branches when the global matrix is calculated either for symmetrical and unsymmetrical short-circuit.

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