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Dr Ruben Devaprakash


In the present energy scenario, one of major problems is with Power quality. Power quality came to more relevant, focused, with the addition of suitable equipment, where its behavior is very much important to the power supply quality. Power quality issue is a phenomenon noted as a not usual standard current, frequency or voltage which may results in a failure of sophiscated devices. The main issue focuses at the power swell & sag. In the paper, authors present a novel methodology for the prevention of voltage sag & swell. To rectify this issue, customized power equipments are adopted. Among them, Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), the best as well as right advanced customized power equipment used in power distribution networks. The advantages include reduced price, low size, and its good transient response to the interferences. This work explain the MATLAB results of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) modeling and analysis. Here, conventional controller like PI type and GA Tuned PI controller are used for comparison. In the proposed method, GA Tuned PI controller implemented are replaced by the conventional PI controller to develop the performance of the plant. The aim of the controller is made faster than conventional technique based controller. By MATLAB simulation tool, the performance can be studied.

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