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Prof.Dr.R.Vijay Prof.Dr.R.Vijay


This paper presents an Enriched Biogeography Based Optimization (EBBO) algorithm to minimize the fuel expenses during the grid-connected mode of operation in microgrid. The projected method also guarantees the stable mode of operation in island mode. In the stable operation, the economic power dispatch problem (EPD) with constraints such as non-dispatchable distributed generators (DG) reserve, inter-region flow limits and stable island operation are formulated. The constraints of stable island mode operation are formulated in accordance with constant droop and variable droop power sharing principles. The suggested EBBO technique is tested with 3-region 15-DG unit system. The result proposed that projected technique is better in solving economic power dispatch problem in the microgrid than the Direct Search Method (DSM). Further, it may project and apply to the practical microgrid operation of the Indian power system.

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