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T.S. Sivakumaran
N.Arunkumar N.Arunkumar
K.Ramash Kumar


This paper study on the analysis, design and implementation of linear quadratic regulator (LQR) plus fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for super lift Luo-Converter (SLLC) ) for purposes needing the constant power source in battery operated portable devices, floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, LED TV, physiotherapy medical instrument, lap-top computers, mobile phones and communication interface in robot system applications etc.,. In this case, the positive output elementary SLLC (POESLLC) is considered for study. The POESLLC is variable structure system (VSS) and its dynamic performance become non-linear in nature. The conventional controllers are not able to get better the dynamic performance in line as well as load disturbances. In an effort to enhance the dynamic performance, output voltage and inductor current regulations in large input supply voltage and load resistance variations, a LQR plus FLC is developed. The LQR is designed for the naturally VSS of the POESSLLC using the state-space average based model. The controller formation of this converter consists of two loops namely, inner current loop and output voltage loop. Here, LQR is act as inner current loop for regulating the inductor current of this converter, whereas the FLC is adopted as an outer loop for controlling the output voltage of same converter. The FLC is designed based on the converter activities and qualitative linguistic control rules. The performance of this converter using LQR plus FLC is verified at

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