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Kamel El-Serafy
Ahmed El-Sanabary
Osama M. El Baksawi
Ahmed E. Kalas


Multi-level inverters (MLIs) are recently the promising converters for high-power medium-voltage AC drives due to their superior characteristics over conventional 2-level converters. This paper presents a study for the performance of Induction Motor drive using different modulation techniques based on Multi-level cascaded inverter topology. The applied pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques are Phase shifted PWM which is the preferred Sinusoidal PWM for this topology and space vector PWM. A simple space vector modulation algorithm is introduced for this comparison. A passive filter is carefully designed in order to reduce the distortions of the resulted voltage and current waveforms to safe limits. Experimental setup is implemented for this study using DS1104 control unit. In this paper, simulation and experimental results are carried out to investigate the differences between the modulation techniques for these drives.

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