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H Elkamshoushi
May Wagih


A computationally efficient global optimization method, the Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (PSO), is proposed for the synthesis of uniform amplitude arrays of two classes, i.e., unequally spaced arrays with equal phases and unequal phases. Phase-only synthesis and the synthesis of uniformly exited unequally spaced arrays (position only synthesis) are compared and it is seen that, by using the unequal spacing, the number of array elements can be significantly reduced for attaining reduced sidelobe levels. From the PSO -based synthesis of unequally spaced arrays with uniform amplitudes and unequal phases, it is found that a tradeoff exists between the size of the unequally spaced arrays and the range of phases for the same radiation characteristics. The proposed synthesis technique using uniform amplitudes, unequal spacing, and unequal phases (position-phase synthesis) not only decreases the size of the array for the same sidelobe level compared to both the phase-only synthesis and position-only synthesis but also retains their advantages.

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