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Shankar M
Kumudini Devi R P


While integrating the Wind Energy Conversion System to the power grid, power quality issues like power unbalance and harmonic distortion arises. The same can be mitigated by adding battery energy storage system in the DC bus of Class C & D type variable-speed Wind Turbine Generator systems. In simulation studies, the battery energy storage system is represented as a battery bank (direct current sources in series parallel combinations) without considering its actual dynamics. This paper presents a part of the research work that aims at considering the thermodynamics of the battery energy storage by developing a generic model that includes the integration of electrochemical, analytical and electric circuit model approach. To this perspective, a wind farm, AC-DC rectifier, Battery Generic Model, Battery Charge/Discharge Control Logic, DC-AC inverter and open loop radial grid model are developed in PSCAD/EMTDC. Simulations are performed without and with battery energy storage. Mitigation of power quality aspects like power unbalance and harmonic distortion are validated from simulation results. An experimental setup to emulate the power quality issues arising of Class C & D type WTGs and its mitigation using battery energy storage without grid integration is also presented. Vanadium Redox Flow Battery model is used in the simulation study. Both the simulation and emulation results justify power quality issues mitigation with battery energy storage.

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