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Latha Latha


The increase in electronic components and sensors of contemporary automobiles raises the complexity of network design. The development of automotive electronics reinforces the significance of an optimal and fault tolerant hybrid network via different communication protocols. CAN (Controller Area Network) is globally intended for vehicle segments to communicate with electronic units like Engine Management System, Stability Control Units, Braking Systems, and Door functions. The CAN and LIN (Local Interconnect Network) are taken into consideration to enable the implementation of hierarchical vehicle network gateway for quality fortification and cost dwindling of vehicles. The standardization will diminish the assorted on hand low-end multiplex solutions among development cost, production rate, service fee, and logistics charges of vehicle electronics. The proposed hybrid architecture leads to the gateway implementation in the electronic units. It encompasses the capability to share the data between various networking protocols with optimum utilization of the available control information. This system uses two separate gateways for CAN and LIN which efficiently differentiates the high-speed and low-speed applications pertinent to critical ECUs in the network.

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