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BLDC motors are being designed and presently used in high speed range of industrial applications such as power steering, engine cooling fan speed control, fuel/water pump speed control, air-conditioning compressor control, air-conditioning blower motor control. Commonly, many controllers have been developed to enhance high control performance of the BLDC drive under transient and steady state conditions. They are conventional proportional-integral-derivative controller and intelligent controller using neural network and fuzzy logic technique. As the both conventional controllers and intelligent controllers controllers have many drawbacks and limited for high speed range of industrial applications. This paper focuses the development of controllers by the combination of both conventional proportional-integral and intelligent controller using fuzzy logic technique. This paper provides design of proposed hybrid intelligent controllers such as adaptive fuzzy proportional integral on-line controller, adaptive fuzzy proportional-integral-derivative off-line controller, fuzzy proportional- derivative and integral on-line controller and fuzzy proportional-integral on-line controller. This paper presents the comparison of transient response and steady state analysis all proposed hybrid intelligent controllers. The simulations results derived in this paper are presented to show the ability of all proposed fuzzy on-line controllers for high speed range of industry applications.

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