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A.V.Sudhakara Reddy


This manuscript explores feeder reconfiguration in balanced networks and presents an efficient method to optimize the radial distribution system by means of simultaneous reconfiguration. Network Reconfiguration of radial distribution system is a significant way of altering the power flow through the lines. This assessment presents a modern method to solve the network reconfiguration problem with an objective of minimizing real power loss and improving the voltage profile in radial distribution system (RDS). A precise and load flow algorithm is applied and the objective function is formulated to solve the problem which includes power loss minimization. A Meta-heuristic Dragon Fly Algorithm (DFA) is utilized to restructure and identify the optimal strap switches for minimization of real power loss in a distribution network.. The strategy has been tested on IEEE 16-bus, 33-bus and 69-bus systems to show the accomplishment and the adequacy of the proposed technique. The results demonstrate that a significant reduction in real power losses and improvement of voltage profiles.

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