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abbas zarifkar
ali farmani
Mohammad hossein sheikhi


With the development of all optical networks, Requires that all optical system including logic gate is consistent with the new format. We proposed and demonstrated a novel structure of ultrafast all optical full adder based on the Cross-phase modulation (XPM) that is principle nonlinear effect in a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) assisted mach zehnder interferometer (MZI). In this architecture quantum logic gates including: Feynman, Toffoli and Peres gates are used to implement all optical full adder. By using the presented structure, we obtain low power penalty for designed full adder and error-free performance at 10Gb/s and the receiver sensitivity for a bit-error rate of 10-9 is below -10dbm. In additional, the results show this structure will enhance the future optical signal processing application for ultrafast operation.

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