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Ali M. Yousef


This paper presents the robust optimal shifting of eigenvalues control design and application for load frequency control. A method for shifting the real parts of the open-loop poles to any desired positions while preserving the imaginary parts is constant. In each step of this approach, it is required to solve a first-order or a second-order linear matrix Lyapunov equation for shifting one real pole or two complex conjugate poles respectively. This presented method yields a solution, which is optimal with respect to a quadratic performance index. Load-frequency control (LFC) of a single and two area power systems is evaluated. The objective is to minimize transient deviation in frequency and tie-line power control and to achieve zero steady-state errors in these quantities. The attractive feature of this method is that it enables solutions to complex problem to be easily found without solving any non-linear algebraic Riccati equation. The control law depends on finding the feedback gain matrix and then the control signal is synthesized by multiplying the state variables of the power system with determined gain matrix. The gain matrix is calculated one time only and it works over wide range of operating conditions. To validate the powerful of the proposed optimal pole shifting control, a linearized model of a single and two interconnected area load frequency control is simulated.

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