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B.Kiruthiga B.Kiruthiga


In recent trends, the nonlinear loads are most popular which is used by commercial, residential consumers and industrial purpose. Quality of power is to be delivered due to rapid rise in the usage of harmonics producing nonlinear loads which has included adjustable speed drivers, electronics converters, power suppliers with switched mode and arc furnaces. The quality is to be used to express the purity in the voltage and current waveforms. There are various methods are followed to decrease harmonics in the electric power transmission network which includes the help of line reactors, transformer isolation, phase shifting transformers and active power filter. The SAPF is the shunt active power filter which is the power electronics converter which helps to inject current having same amplitude and opposite phase with the original harmonics current. In this paper , proposed to enhance and design impedance of active filters by p – q theory and SDM – SAPF (synchronous detection method – shunt active power filter) with Id - Iq techniques has been proposed. The p – q theory helps to exploit the symmetrical accelerate the evaluations for active filters controllers. The SDM – SAPF is the synchronous detection method in shunt active power filter helps to digital control based on instantaneous power theory. The Id - Iq method helps to extract the reference currents of unbalance shunt active filters, balance shunt active filters and sinusoidal shunt active filters. This

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[1] Dhiraj N. Katole, M. B. Daigavane, Dhiraj N. Katole, M. B. Daigavane, Modified instantaneous p-q theory for single phase DVR for mitigation of voltage sag in case of nonlinear load”, IEEE, 978-1-5090-2476-6, 2016