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Damodar Panigrahy
Sanjib Ganguly
Sanjeeb Mohanty
Padarbinda Samal


This work presents a planning approach of distributed generating units for unbalanced radial distribution systems using a hybrid differential evolution algorithm (DE) and Cuckoo search algorithm (CSA) so as to determine the optimal distributed generation (DG) location(s) and power allocation. Four objective functions are formulated in the planning problem. They are the minimization of: (i) total real power loss, (ii) maximum average voltage deviation, (iii) total neutral current, and (iv) total system cost. These objectives are optimized under the constraints of minimum and maximum voltage limits for each bus voltage and thermal limit of each line. A modified three phase forward-backward sweep based load flow algorithm is employed as a supplementary tool for the evaluation of these objective functions. The simulation results obtained with the 19-bus and 25-bus unbalanced radial distribution systems show that significant improvement in power loss, maximum average voltage deviation, and total system cost can be achieved with simultaneous optimization for DG location(s) and power generation. The performance of hybrid DE-CSA is found to be better and consistent as compared to some other meta-heuristic algorithms studied here.

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