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Ngoc-Khoat Nguyen
Qi Huang
Thi-Mai-Phuong Dao


This work concentrates on an important control mission to guarantee the network frequency at its nominal value of 50Hz in a large-modern and multi-area interconnected power system. Actually, during the operation of such a power system, its frequency is usually affected by many types of perturbations that load disturbance is a typical case. Such effect causes the imbalance between active power and load demand which makes the frequency changeable and power network unstable. In order to stabilize the network frequency to restore the steady state of the power system, this work proposes efficient controllers using fuzzy logic technique. These fuzzy logic controllers based on the principle of PI regulators are applied usefully in a four-area interconnected power system as a typical case of a large-modern electric grid in reality. Also, simulation results obtained in this study verify the outstanding control features of the proposed controllers in comparison with conventional Integral controllers.

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