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Dr.K.Baskaran Dr.K.Baskaran
C.Govindaraju C.Govindaraju


This paper proposes a hybrid carrier based space vector modulation suitable for multiphase multilevel inverters. Multiphase multilevel inverters are controlled by this hybrid modulation to provide multiphase variable voltage and variable frequency supply. The proposed modulation combines the benefits of fundamental frequency modulation and carrier based space vector modulation strategies. The main characteristics of this hybrid modulation are the reduction in switching losses, and effectively improve harmonic performance. This algorithm can be applied to cascaded multilevel inverter topologies; it has low computational complexity and it is suitable for hardware implementations. The proposed modulation is developed based on PWM base generator and hybrid PWM control algorithm and it is implemented using TMS320F2407 DSP processor and Xilinx XC95108 CPLD controller respectively. The performance of this hybrid modulation is analyzed based on power loss, weighted total harmonic distortion, the linearity and it is compared with standard modulation strategies. Selected simulation and experiment results are reported to verify and validate the effectiveness of the proposed modulation technique.

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