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G. Jeevagan Navukarasu Lenin
R. Vimala
R. Dhanasekaran
S. Arun Prakash
K. Baskaran


Today biomedical application holds a vital role in medical diagnosis and treatment and as an academic discipline. In recent days glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, deep brain simulations and endoscopy are a few examples of the medical applications through body implantable units. Antennas are placed into human bodies or mounted over the torso (skin-fat-muscle) to form a biomedical application and exterior instruments can be arranged to be used for short range biotelemetry applications. Remote monitoring allows the diagnosis of diseases and can be serving as the application of hospital at home, this installation of instruments reduces the hospitalization period. A Metamaterial design antenna resonating at 2.45 GHz is proposed work for biomedical application which is made of FR-4 substrate with dielectric constant 4.4. Metamaterial is used to enhance the bandwidth and it is design at ground plane. This proposed antenna is aimed to be used in human body for various applications and also is easily integrated with solar panels. Proposed antenna is feded by a coaxial probe feeding. Simulation is done by HFSS software. The simulated results show the performance in terms of S11 Return loss, Gain in dB, Radiation pattern, axial ratio (AR) and VSWR.

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