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S.Rajendiran S.Rajendiran
P.Lakshmi P.Lakshmi
B.Rajkumar B.Rajkumar


The ride quality and travel comfort of the passenger is based on the type of the suspension system used in the vehicle. The active suspension system is one of the good choice to reduce the vibration and enhance the travel comfort. In this paper, a quarter car with driver model and dual actuator is considered for analysis. To reduce the vibration and increase the travel comfort, different types of Sliding Mode Controllers (SMC) such as Terminal SMC (TSMC), Fractional Order SMC (FOSMC) and Fractional order Fuzzy SMC (FOTSMC) are designed and simulated in the active suspension system of the quarter car with driver model. Different kinds of road disturbances are given to the system to stimulate the vibration in the system. The responses of the controllers with the quarter car system is compared with the passive system. The results shows that the FOTSMC performs better than TSMC and FOSMC.

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