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ali azizi tousi
mohammad mirzaie


Outdoor insulators used in transmission and distribution lines are subjected to environmental pollution. The pollution, especially combined with humidity, may reduce the surface resistance of insulator and may lead to flow of leakage current (LC) on the surface of insulators. Leakage current with large magnitude flowing on the surface for long period may cause degradation of the insulator performance.
This paper reports the experimental results on the effect of severity and location of pollution on LC waveforms of H.V porcelain suspension insulator string under different humidity condition. Experimental data were analyzed in both time and frequency domain. Obtained results indicate that LC parameters such as peak value, harmonic components, total harmonic distortion (THD) and etc. are affected by severity and location of pollution. Also, the ratio of fifth to third harmonic component is presented as an effective parameter to study pollution effect in insulators.

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