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The demand increase in energy and development of distributed generation system has nice progress in medium voltage dynamic inverters when compared to semiconductor diode. On further, due to more stubborn rules in power quality and recent grid codes view, which in turn limit the ac grid’s harmonics amounts. To limit the harmonics particular attention should be created. Latter the harmonic values are reduced using pulse dimension modulation technique to achieve the grid codes, instead assuming as zero. This paper proposes a inverter generates the output frequency associated with no low-frequency ripple and the extreme voltage gain/boost while Z-source network’s constant boost viewed is achieved by two control procedures.

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[1] Yu Tang ; Shaojun Xie ; Jiudong Ding , Yu Tang ; Shaojun Xie ; Jiudong Ding , Pulsewidth Modulation of Z-Source Inverters With Minimum Inductor Current Ripple”, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics