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Md. Ziaul Hoque
Benu Lal Nath
Dr. Md. Delawer Hossain


Nowadays we have seen various AC-AC converters using IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) where various number of IGBTs switches are used. This type of converter is connected grid to the connected load. There are huge amount of losses if a large number of IGBT switches is used. Using reduced-switch-count converters in power electronic systems is necessary for the numerous advantages such as low cost, low weight and volume, and high reliability offered by them. In this thesis paper, we proposed a Three-Phase to Three-Phase (AC-AC) Converter which we used minimum number of switches. Here we use few active switches and few diodes and we can find out the lowest number of active switches among three-phase to three-phase AC/AC converters that offers sinusoidal input and output, unity power factor and more importantly, low manufacturing cost. Due to minimize the voltage ripple of the DC link the analysis of sizing of the DC link capacitors is performed and capacitor sizes are chosen. The analysis and simulations demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed AC/AC converter.

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