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Farid Hamoudi
A/Aziz Chaghi
Mouloud Adli
Elkheir Merabet
Hocine Amimeur


This paper presents an adaptive Fuzzy-hysteresis band current controller
for four-wire shunt active power filters, to eliminate harmonics and to
compensate reactive power in distribution systems, in order to keep currents
at the point of common coupling sinusoidal and in phase with the corresponding
voltage and the cancel neutral current. The conventional hysteresis band
controller, known for its robustness and its advantage in current controlled
applications is adapted with a fuzzy logic controller, to change the bandwidth
according to the operating point in order to keep the frequency modulation
at tolerable limits. The algorithm used to identify the reference currents is
based on the synchronous reference frame theory (dq), considering disturbed
network voltage. Finally, simulation results using Matlab/Simulink are given
and compared with some Proportional-Integral control results, to measure and
to validate the performances of proposed control.

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