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Dr.S.Tara kalyani
K.Himaja K.Himaja
Dr.T.S.Surendra Dr.T.S.Surendra


This paper details an approach for simultaneous coordinated design of conventional Power System Stabilizer (PSS) and Series Vectorial Compensator (SVeC) damping controller for damping improvement of low frequency oscillations in the multi machine power systems. To compare the damping contributed by the two devices, both frequency domain approach based on Eigen value analysis is carried out for the system matrix and time-domain approach based on non-linear model simultaneous is also performed. For optimum location of PSS, participation factor analysis has been carried out.The effectiveness of the proposed damping controllers is demonstrated on WSCC 3 machine 9 bus system. It can be concluded from the simulation results shows that use of coordinated design of PSS and SVeC can offer better damping characteristics. All the simulations are carried out in MATLAB.

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