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Beroual Louardi


The study presented in this paper deals with a station keeping box system for geostationary satellites equipped with electric propulsion.
The station keeping box (SKB) represented the maximum permitted values of the excursion of the satellite in longitude and latitude. It can be represented as a pyramidal solid angle, whose vertex is at the centre of the earth, within which the satellite must remain at all times. In this work, the station keeping box is defined by the two half angles at the vertex, one within the plan of the equator (E-W width), and the other in the plan of the satellite meridian (N-S width).
A number of different techniques are available for the numerical solution of the station keeping box problem. In this work we will consider the so-called direct method for solution of continuous optimal control problem. Simulation results have demonstrated that the spacecraft can be tightly controlled within station keeping box.

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