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Amar tilmatine
Zouaoui DEY
Sidi-Mohamed REMAOUN
Mansour ZEGRAR


A high-voltage high-frequency power supply for ozone generation is presented in this paper. Ozone generation is intended to be used in air and in water disinfection. A power stage consisting of a single-phase Power Supply for regulating the output power, a current push-pull inverter (driver) and a control circuit are described and analyzed. This laboratory build power supply using a high voltage ferrite transformer and a PIC microcontroller was employed to energize a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD ) ozone generator. The inverter working on the basis of control strategy is of simple structure and has a variation range of the working frequency in order to obtain the optimal frequency value. The experimental results concerning electrical characterization and water treatment using a homemade DBD ozone generator supplied by this power supply are given in the end.

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