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M.R.Rashmi M.R.Rashmi
A.Suresh A.Suresh
S.Kamalkkannan S.Kamalkkannan


Multiport converters can be used for relatively high-power applications. Three port Full-bridge-based topologies utilize a lot of switches with complicated driving and control circuitry. Due to this reason overall cost and size are high. This paper presents the control strategy and power management for an integrated Four-port converter, which interfaces one wind energy port ,one solar input port, one battery port and an isolated output port. A competitive method is used to realize smooth and seamless mode transition. Multiport converter has plenty of interacting control loops due to integrated power trains. The integrated system will have a lower overall mass and more compact packaging. And also has lower cost, improved reliability and enhanced dynamic performance due to power stage integration and centralized control. The circuit is simulated using MATLAB. The simulation results are presented in this paper.

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