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Fred C. Lee
J. D. van Wyk


Power electronics products, to date, are essentially
custom-designed and manufactured using non-standard parts.
The products cycle times are long and manufacturing processes
are labor-intensive, thus, resulting in poor reliability and high
cost. The Center for Power Electronics Systems, established in
1998 as one of the National Science Foundation Engineering
Research Centers, is charged in leading the nation in the
development of an integrated power electronics system approach
via integrated power electronics modules (IPEMs). A brief
discussion of the center�s research enterprise and strategic plan in
addressing key technological areas and advancements needed to
improve the characteristics of power electronics systems, such as
increased levels of integration, standardization of parts and
improved packaging techniques for enhanced thermal
management and electrical performances. The technologies being
developed for the realization of integrated systems include planar
metallization to allow three-dimensional structural integration of
power devices and control functions, integration of power
passives, integration of RF and EMI filters, and integration of
electrical/thermal design tools.

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