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Dr.J.Senthil Kumar


Industry 4.0 demands smart manufacturing systems that can process and handle tasks in a quick pace. Parallel robots with 3D kinematics will make a big impact in modern industrial applications. Since these robots target the industrial revolution with Machine to Machine communication and with the support of Industrial Internet of Things towards Industry 4.0, this category of robots are of great demand. Controlling of such robots with complex kinematic system in modern industries is quite challenging, because they handle physical rigid bodies in manufacturing assembly lines. This proposed work deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of forward and inverse kinematics associated with such kind of parallel robots and the challenges associated with them. Test trails on robot interaction environment were performed with the simulated model of Fanuc M-3ia6S delta robot using MATLAB simulation tool. After the analysis of performance of tracking strategies on the provided desired trajectory of the robot, it was observed that the Fanuc M-3ia6S delta robot provides the tracking accuracy of 96% with the applied forward and inverse kinematics on the simulated model of Fanuc M-3ia6S delta robot.

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