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Srinivasarao. Gorantla
A.R.Vijay Babu
S.Siva naga Raju


Energy storage systems (ESS) have become one of the vital areas of research in Electric/Hybrid Electric vehicles. The battery energy storage systems are not economical both in terms of weight and cost in order to meet high peak power demands owing to their less power densities. In order to overcome the short comings of battery energy storage systems, a novel Battery/Ultra-Capacitor based Hybrid Energy Management System (HEMS) along with motion control for Electric/Hybrid Electric vehicles has been proposed in this paper to meet the extra energy storage requirements in order to handle the surge currents. The proposed configuration consists of a battery in conjunction with an ultra-capacitor and a DC-DC converter to uphold the voltage of ultra-capacitor. The results are simulated using MATLAB /SIMULINK software and validated with experimental setup.

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