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P.V.N.Prasad P.V.N.Prasad
M.V.Ramana Rao


Abstract: This paper evaluates the simplified converter topology for driving a permanent magnet brushless dc (BLDC) motor and improve the power factor with unipolar inverter and SEPIC (Single Ended Primary Inductance Converter) controller. The SEPIC converter is designed to operate as a voltage follower, the line current follows the line voltage waveform to a certain extent which improves the input power factor. The reduction in low-order harmonics and improved power factor is achieved without the use of any additional circuitry. With the growing potential for widespread use of permanent magnet brushless dc motor (BLDC) drives in many low-cost applications. The simplicity and reduced parts count of the proposed topology make it an attractive low cost choice for BLDC motor drives.

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