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Hocine Amimeur
R. Abdessemed
D. Aouzellag
K. Ghedamsi
F. Hamoudi
S. Chekkal


In this paper, a sliding mode control strategy (SMC) associated to the field-oriented control (FOC) of dual-stator induction motor drives (DSIM) fed by matrix converters (MC)
is investigated. The induction machine has two sets of stator three-phase windings spatially shifted by 30 electrical degrees;
the sliding mode control is a robust non linear algorithm which uses discontinuous control to force the system states trajectories to join some specified sliding surface, it has been widely used for its robustness to model parameter uncertainties and external
disturbances, is studied. Is also investigated the direct AC/AC frequency converter, called matrix converter. In order to verify
the validity of the proposed method, a dynamic model of the proposed system has been simulated, to demonstrate the
performance of the system.

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