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hinda hinda


This paper presents a stability of power system by unified power flow controller (UPFC). This controller offers advantages in terms of static and dynamic operation of the power system such as the control law is synthesized using two types of controllers: proportional integral (PI), and sliding mode controller. Their respective performances are compared in terms of reference tracking, sensitivity to perturbations and robustness. We have to study the problem of controlling power in electric system by UPFC. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed method especially in chattering-free behavior, response to sudden load variations and robustness. All the simulations for the above work have been carried out using MATLAB /Simulink. Various simulations have given very satisfactory results and we have successfully improved the real and reactive power flows on a transmission line as well as to regulate voltage at the bus where it is connected, the studies and illustrate the effectiveness and capability of UPFC in improving power.

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