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G.R.Venkatakrishnan G.R.Venkatakrishnan
R.Rengaraj R.Rengaraj


Economical, efficient and reliable hybrid renewable energy system (HRES) provides a clean and distributed energy when compared to individual renewable energy system. In the present scenario, importance of HRES is getting increased as it adapts to the climatic changes. In this paper, the considered HRES comprises of solar PV, wind and micro-hydro along with diesel generator and battery banks to serve the demand. Minimization of total cost and total dumped power are the objective functions considered for this problem. In addition, the geographical constraints is also considered in this paper to minimize the total cost of the system. Grey Wolf Algorithm (GWO) is arguably one of the simple, efficient and most powerful stochastic real-parameter optimization algorithm which operates through simple computational steps. The optimal combination of HRES problem for different objective function are determined using GWO. As a case study, a realistic data which has been used in this paper to find the acceptable combinations belong to a typical farming village of Western Ghats in Kerala, India. The simulation results of the considered problem shows that the GWO algorithm is able to provide better solution quality in terms of cost, convergence and robustness for the considered HRES problem.

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