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Chandra Shekhar Reddy Atla
Dr. Balaraman K


The rapid increase in the wind power penetration into power system introduces more variability and uncertainty in existing conventional power system. The variability and uncertainty factors are the key challenges to integrate large amounts of wind generation into future grid. The large scale wind integration calls for generation planning which is an important aspect in order to meet the customer demands with optimum mix of generation like thermal, hydro and renewable energy sources. Power system reliability assessment methods can be categorized into analytical or Monte-Carlo simulations. Monte-Carlo simulation methods, compute the reliability indices by simulating the random behavior of the power system, and can include any system processes which are approximated in analytical methods. In this paper wind model at regional level has been proposed using Monte-Carlo simulation approach in order to find the impact of the intermittent energy sources on generation planning for interconnected power system. In the present paper two neighboring regions in southern part of India with high wind penetration levels have been considered for analysis considering the reliability index as per regulations.

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