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A. S. Oshaba
S. M. Abd Elazim
E. S. Ali


Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is used in
Photovoltaic (PV) systems to maximize its output power,
irrespective of the atmospheric conditions and electrical
load characteristics. A new MPPT system has been
proposed for PV-DC motor pump system by designing two
PI controllers. The first one is used to reach MPPT by
monitoring the voltage and current of the PV array and
adjusting the duty cycle of the DC/ DC converter. The
second PI controller is designed for speed control of DC
series motor by setting the voltage fed to the DC series
motor through another DC/ DC converter. The proposed
design problem of MPPT and speed controller is
formulated as an optimization problem which is solved by
Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) to search for optimal
parameters of PI controllers. Simulation results have
shown the validity of the proposed technique in delivering
MPPT to DC series motor pump system under
atmospheric conditions and tracking the reference speed of
DC series motor. Moreover, the performance of the
proposed ABC algorithm is compared with Genetic
Algorithm (GA) for different disturbances to prove its

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